This game was developed for and is being submitted to the Ludum Dare 47 (Theme: Stuck in a loop)


Hi all,

my approach to the theme is a car that is "stuck in a loop": its wheels are stuck and it is forced to drive in a loop / circle.

In order not to watch a car going in circles, and to actually make this into a game ;) , you can lift up the car.

If you lift up the car, it will keep spinning - but keep its current vector / not accelerate in another direction.
You can also switch the direction, in which the wheels are 'stuck'.

The goal is to collect all the goal orbs in the level in the least amount of time!

UPDTAE 5th Oct - Small bugfix: falling off the map now resets your position to the middle

Made withUnity
Tags3D, fun, Ludum Dare
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