This game was developed for and is being submitted to the Ludum Dare 50 COMPO (Theme: Delay the inevitable) The game was developed by myself from scratch under 48 hours (35 actually, due to the starting time's zone)

Tom's Block Wizard Arena is an increasingly difficult and never-ending battle of wizards, that can both choose one of three randomly chosen actions within a time-limit.

With each new round, your opponent will become more difficult to defeat, and inevitably you will be no match to them anymore. How many rounds can you survive?

Controls are very simple:

When it is your turn, click with the mouse on one of the three boxes with possible actions. If you do not choose one in time, the middle is picked automatically.

Music and audio controls are on top of the screen.

You can check your health and mana points at the bottom of the screen, as well as the current enemy's health points.

I am calling this game "preliminary-finished". It is very much playable and I think already quite a bit of fun, but the graphics are ... well... have not been my priority 😉😅

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